Truck and Float

Truck and Float


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Welcome to our truck and float page. As most of you are aware we couldn’t do what we do with out transportation. being away for days at a time and with such a huge team of Horses it is not uncommon to have 10 horses at an interstate competition. Our horses safety and our personal comfort really are important when being away from home for so long, both the horses and Megan need to be on their A game to get the best results.  Being able to feed our team of girls, watch movies when the sun has gone down and have our ‘home base’ is so important.


Our float of choice is a 2013 Logan Bushman 4 horse angle load. Extra wide package with chest lockers with PLENTY of storage! It features some seriously cool options such as: Insulated horse stall, Disc brakes, Awning, Bluetooth, exterior speakers, drop down ‘feeder windows’, pours rubber flooring (the urine just seeps through the floor onto the road way). Chest lockers just like a truck, huge dressing room, jail bar dividers, alloy wheels, rug rack, electric jockey wheel. We had sold our old truck ‘Heiny’ and we had no way to get our horses around, with over 15 horses in work we were a bit worried. We did 26,000kms in the start of the 2014 season with our unbelievable Logan Bushman with not a single issue.


Our latest edition to the Kirby Park Stable is ‘Merv’ the Mercedes, our new home away from home is our 2013 Mercedes Benz Axor with an Equitrek Enterprise Elite. Click here to check Merv out..