Eventing Team

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to be blessed with some truly amazing horses. Competition is a partnership and no one can compete in the sport of eventing without a talented, bold and trusting horse. My team is the biggest it has ever been right now, with some of my older horses reaching the Autumns of their careers I am excited that some of my young home bred horses are ready to be passed the baton. In addition, I have some lovely horses I have been given the opportunity to ride by some truly amazing owners, I have never had many owners because.. well, I don’t really know why…but now I am lucky enough to have some. It has enabled me to keep my younger KP horses instead of having to sell them to pay the bills. The horses I ride need to want to do it, they need to love dressage, live for Cross Country and ping for  the Show Jumping. I like to take all my horses slowly with their education as I have found the faster you try and rush the process the slower it takes. My goal with all of my horses is to win at the highest level and the small competitions in-between i tend to save their legs and go a little slower cross country. I want to represent my country at the World Championships and Olympic games for as long as I am able to do so. This current team of horses has the depth to do just that. 2015 is going to be massive for me, my team and my team of horses, with Rio Olympic Games selection looming training has already started. To all of my supporters, sponsors, owners, my girls, my Husband and my family I thank you all for everything you do and have done for me. I hope to make you all proud in the coming year as we ‘saddle up’ and aim for the stars again!


Kirby Park Invader


Chestnut gelding 16.1hh

Born: 2007

Sire: Kirby Park Nantamboo (ASH)

Dam: Zelans Leap (TB)

IMG_0574 IMG_0140IMG_0170

‘Freckles’ is one of my young home bred horses who Iam proud to introduce.

His dam Zelans Leap is a Salmon Leap mare, Salmon Leap threw very good jumping horses with strong hock action.

His Sire needs no introduction, Kirby Park Nantamboo has sired many champions and an Olympic and World Championship horse as well.

Freckles surprises me every time I take him out, sometimes they are welcome, sometimes they are just that… SURPRISE! Young Freckles has had a huge 12 months with him finishing on a high placing 3rd in the 2* at the Adelaide Horse trials in 2014. With several wins and placings over the past 12 months Freckles has hit home that he is going to be one of the big personalities of my yard and Australian eventing for the coming years. Freckles has had several 3* starts already in 2015 with wins and placings to his name already, he is aimed at the Adelaide 4* in 2016 which will be his build up for the World Championships in 2018. I am pleased to have him maturing so well and i am excited to see what he has to show me.

Kirby Park Irish Jester


Grey 15.3hh Gelding


Kirby Park Irish Jester

Kirby Park Irish Jester the silver child of Kirby Park.

Jester was one of the first foals to be bred at Kirby Park.

He was by ESB Irish Enough (Irish sport horse) out of Kirby Park Yellow Empress (Thoroughbred) one of the carefully selected brood mares used to start the breeding program at KP.

He started his eventing career as a six year old quickly progressing to the 3* ranks by the time he was eight and a half.

His results and achievements are legendary.

Some of his biggest achievements include winning Melbourne international twice in 2005 and 2008. Winning Adelaide International in 2005. Winning a team bronze medal at the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen.

The ultimate prize was being selected on the Australian Team at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and winning the team silver medal and just narrowly missing out on an individual medal,

Megan and Jester were the highest placed Australian combination at the games, finishing 3rd over all in the eventing competition and going on to jump for an individual medal knocking down the last rail and finishing in 4th spot just out of the individual medals.

Jester finished the 2008 eventing season as the worlds best eventing horse, being ranked number 1 on the FEI world rankings table.

After all that he is still Mr Nice Guy, always doing his best to please, still thinking he is Harry Potter with that scar on his face and trying to keep the magic going. He is now brought out for special occasions and still turning on the magic, winning both World Cup qualifiers in 2009. One in New Zealand and one in Sydney both won by over 9 penalties. He was to go to Poland for the final but it would have meant 3 months in quarantine coming out of Poland. So Megan opted to take him to Australian International Three Day Event instead where he came 3rd, after wining the dressage by 9 penalties.

Festy is now happy and retired enjoying the best paddock overlooking everyone and everything including the 3 arenas! He is still stabled everynight, equissage twice a day, shod, washed, groomed everything a top class competition horse has, except the competition.

Festy thank you for making my little girl dreams come true. Thank you all the happy highs and the teary lows.

I owe everything to you. You took me on a journey that so few get the chance to take. Enjoy your retirement, your trips to the beach for fun, your morning neck scratches and kisses and the love that will continue to be poured all over you.

Festy you are the Godfather of Kirby Park!

Kirby Park Allofasudden


Chestnut gelding 16.1hh

Born: 2000

Sire: Rustic Amber (TB)

Dam: Passionate (TB)

Kirby Park Allofasudden, known as Floyd around the stables.

Bred by Prim Cromwell from Mypolonga in South Australia he was sold as a yearling at the magic millions sales.

Unfortunately his racing career did not go according to plan and he changed hands a few times until he found himself at Kirby Park for some re-education.

He was very bad tempered and mean, he used to do all sorts of things when you least expected it, hence his name Allofasudden.

However, Megan fell in love with this rangy naughty orange horse. She thought he was quite fancy and with some re-education and strict guidelines he could be quite something.

He has returned her faith in him many times, moving up through the ranks in a mature manner till he reached 3* status, winning and placing in many 3* events around Australia.

In 2008 he was placed on the elite list and named as reserve horse for the Beijing Olympic Games and then went on to 2nd place in his first CCI4* (Australian International Three Day Event). He won the Melbourne International CCI3* in 2009 (and was the only horse to finish on his dressage score). Then after winning Reynella CIC3* went on to place second in the CCI4* at the Australian International Three Day event again in 2009, where also won the Magic Millions Trophy.

Floyd finished the 2009 eventing season ranked 2nd on the FEI World Rankings Table.

Floyd had his first international flight as he booked his spot as a reserve on the 2012 London Olympic team. With Shane Rose Taurus going lame floyd made it on the team and we headed into the stables at Grenwhich, a cruel stroke of luck would see Floyd also go lame with a foot abscess  and we were off the team faster than we got on!!. Staying in England to Complete the Burghley Horse trials CCI4 star known as the worlds biggest and toughest 4 star competition. Floyd returned home later that year for a well deserved holiday. Floyd had a nice long break in 2013 and was back in work for 2014 where he returned for his preparation for the 2014 Adelaide horse trials where he placed 2nd for the 3rd time. Floyd will now be given some time off before he returns to work for his lead up to the 2015 Adelaide Horse trials and RIO Olympic games selection!


Flowervale Maserati


Black gelding 16.1hh

Born: 2001

Sire: Metall (WB)

Dam: K. Friedens Ruhe (WB)


What more needs to be said.. how lucky can a girl be??I was contacted by ‘Zacs’ owners in 2013 and asked if i would be interested in riding their horse, one simple answer came to mind.. YES!! With 3/4* in his very near future the 2* warmblood came to me well educated and ready for the challenge. After getting to know each other over a matter of months I was able to see clearly this horse has what it takes to be a true ‘team’ horse. Zac is aimed at the 2015 Adelaide 4* which will be his big test for team selection for the Rio Olympic Games, he will be out and about in 2015 getting runs under his legs for the big dance in November. Watch this horse closely as he is a true champion and i hope I can bring out his true talents.

Kirby Park Impress


Chestnut Mare 16.1hh

Sire: Kirby Park Nantamboo (ASH)

Dam: Girly (TB)

Born: 2007

IMG_0575IMG_0171candy mt gambier


‘Candy’ turns heads everywhere she goes, stamped firmly by her sire KP Nantamboo her grace and elegance is rewarded every time she enters at A. Just like my other home bred stunner ‘Freckles’ Candy has had a huge year and has impressed me every step of the way. Making her way up the grades to CCI 2* level I am so lucky to have the scope and stability she gives me.

My husband always asks me “how did she go?” after cross country (as he is a worrier), the last few rounds I have come home smiling to myself thinking ‘he’s back.. Jester is back’.. honestly, Candy and Freckles remind me of Jester cross country, even at this early stage in their careers their eye, their heart and their scope truly excite me at what the future holds.

Like Freckles, Candy has already had several starts in the 3* class where she will remain for the rest of her career with several wins and absolutely unbelievable CC rounds my flashy Chestnut mare does what her name implies.. ‘Impress’ she has what it takes to go all the way and i can wait for the ride to continue.  Candy is aimed at the 2016 Melbourne Horse trials 3* for her lead up to the 2016 Adelaide horse trials 4* which will be her long term prep for the World Championships in Canada.



History came to me from a friend of mine we was unable to ride for a few years due to an expanding family. His background has been in showing winning the 2013 grand national hunter royal in Sydney. not long after his amazing achievement I got the call that i was to be in charge of containing this bouncing grey ball of energy around the CC course!! what a blessing it has been! winning all but 3 of his 13 starts he has had from Pre-lim to 2* History has shown he is a world class horse. His love of life, his natural glow and his positive look on anything (except lunging) and everything is so refreshing. History is aimed at the 2015 2* class at the Adelaide horse trials before he has a well deserved break. 2016 is going to be a big year for him as he enters the 3* class and is prepared for the Melbourne horse trials and his biggest test to date… the Adelaide Horse trials 4*. History has a truly loving family with his owner giving him the freedom to go as far as he is willing to go, at this stage he has shown no signs of stopping. keep an eye on this one he is going to be a champion of Australias Eventing scene!

Kirby Park Irish Poseidon


Chestnut Gelding 15.3hh

Sire: Kirby Park Nantamboo

Dam: Wrestwood Aphrodite

Born: 2007



Henry is yet another home bred Kirby Park Horse. Sold to a local family I am truly blessed to have Henry as one of my owned horses, I am a special bond with all of my KP horses so when I found out Henry was coming back to me to ride I was wrapped.

Henry has progressed well through the grades this year making his way from intro to Pre-Novice with flying colors. His flash movements on the flat have seen him win or finish 2nd or 3rd in his dressage in all of his 2014 outings. His cross country runs have built both his strength and confidence which has flowed into his SJ. Clear SJ and cross country rounds saw Henry with multiple wins and placings in all 3 classes to date and has now reached the 1* class. Henry will have a solid 2nd half to the season in 1* before he gets ready for his next years prep for the Melbourne Horse trials 2*.

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