Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to be blessed with some truly amazing horses. Competition is a partnership and no one can compete in the sport of eventing without a talented, bold and trusting horse. My team is the biggest it has ever been right now, with some of my older horses reaching the Autumns of their careers I am excited that some of my young home bred horses are ready to be passed the baton. In addition, I have some lovely horses I have been given the opportunity to ride by some truly amazing owners, I have never had many owners because.. well, I don’t really know why…but now I am lucky enough to have some. It has enabled me to keep my younger KP horses instead of having to sell them to pay the bills. The horses I ride need to want to do it, they need to love dressage, live for Cross Country and ping for  the Show Jumping. I like to take all my horses slowly with their education as I have found the faster you try and rush the process the slower it takes. My goal with all of my horses is to win at the highest level and the small competitions in-between i tend to save their legs and go a little slower cross country. I want to represent my country at the World Championships and Olympic games for as long as I am able to do so. This current team of horses has the depth to do just that. 2015 is going to be massive for me, my team and my team of horses, with Rio Olympic Games selection looming training has already started. To all of my supporters, sponsors, owners, my girls, my Husband and my family I thank you all for everything you do and have done for me. I hope to make you all proud in the coming year as we ‘saddle up’ and aim for the stars again!