May 10 2016

Camden Equestriad

Our favourite event of the year! Camden Equestriad 2016 was here!! 7 loaded up and rad y to unload on the NSW eventing scene!!

Hunter and Candy would be in the 3* class (Hunters first 3*) Mouse in the PN, Eve and Kai in the PL and Roxy in the New Comers class.

Writing this to you from the living area of the truck whilst we are actually at Ballarat horse trials (a little belated I know) but i had written the write up of all write ups then…. technical error. lost it.. so i am about ready to throw my computer out the windows so this one will be brief and to the point as we have tests and SJ today and I still have 2 write ups to get through.

Candy and Hunter were the stand outs, both making improvements on their weak points of the dressage tests, Candy would jump another clean SJ round and would have yet another superb CC round to bring home the chocolates in the CNC 3*. the Huntman passed in another lovely Dressage test, 1 rail in the SJ and a spooky green stop (not a physical stop but more of a good look) at the sunken road which caused carnage through out the day. Hunter had done enough to bring home 4th place in his 1st 3*.


The babies tests were a little disapointing, Kai, Mouse and Roxy did not like the hard ground and Heidi had to do all she could to keep the horses focused on the job at hand. the rest of the event was more of a training run for the youngsters, Clear rounds and good strong confidence builders CC so we were happy with them overall.

Next week would see us move on to Reynella with the same line up..